Womb Health::5 Steps to Clean Your Womb

The womb is the center of a woman’s power, creativity and life force. Not only does the womb create babies, the womb energetically holds the space of the life force. A woman’s emotions, impressions and energetic chords are carried in the womb and her emotional, spiritual, physical health is directly connected to how clean energetically her womb is.  Balancing our wombs is not just about having more easefull child birth or making a better space for our children to develop, it is about understanding the magic and power that lie within the womb to feed our lives, hearts and loved ones and to empower ourselves so that we can give our gifts as women and help create harmony and healing on our planet earth. Womb cleaning is something every woman should understand, know and experience.

STEP 1:: CONNECT WITH THE EARTH– The earth is deeply connected to the womb. Nature always helps to harmonize the frequencies of electronics, concrete and general industry back to a more fluid and natural space. Sit on the earth with the soles of your feet together and your knees spread. Lie back on the earth or sit straight up. Place your hands on your womb and begin to breathe slow and deep. Imagine you are bringing a line of crystal clear earth energy up into your womb and cleansing the womb on the inhale. On the exhale imagine you breath out and let go of any stagnant energy back to the earth to be cleaned. Do this for as long as it feels good. Thank yourself and the earth when you are done. Notice how you feel.

STEP 2:: MAKE SOUNDS– Do the same exercise as above, but this time add sounds to the exhale and imagine the energy of the womb creating the sound. There is no right or wrong to this, simply notice what organically arises and feels good for the womb. Let the sound out as it is needed. Notice how you feel. Imagine the sound washing the womb and creating harmony. It doesn’t matter if you”can’t sing” what matters is authentic sound.

STEP 3:: ONLY LET IN MALE ENERGY THAT TRULY LOVES YOU AND CAN SUPPORT YOUR EMPOWERMENT:: Whoever we let into our bodies we end up carrying with us. When we allow a man into our body we allow his energy into our womb. Therefore high frequency energy, like real love and support is highly recommended. Anything less compromises the highest potential of the womb.

STEP 4:: EAT RAW FOOD AND JUICES:: High frequency food creates high frequency bodies and therefore will impact the womb. Organic raw juices and foods will empower the womb and make it happy.

STEP 5:: MAKE FRIENDS WITH CRYSTALS:: Crystals such as malachite and copper can help draw out radiation and painful energy from diseased or stressed areas of the womb.  Moonstone, pearl and silver all aid in aligning the womb with the principles of the highest frequency feminine.

Womb health should be a part of your daily attention. In later posts I will address further aspects of the womb, things you probably already intuited but didn’t know they were “real”. This information about the womb is nothing new, it has just been buried but now is ready to come out and transform our empowerment as women and men.  These practices were taken from a book called Womb Wisdom by Padma and Anaiya Aon Prakasha that you can find on amazon. Highly recommended!!

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Here is to the best life has to offer!!


10 thoughts on “Womb Health::5 Steps to Clean Your Womb

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  2. Lenah says:

    i have problem of getting pregnant and i want the baby last year i did abortion because i was still at school i didnt want to cheased out of school so if i clean my womb will i get pregnant easily

    • I am not sure how to answer this Lenah…..You get pregnant easily when you don’t practice safe sex, so I would start there to protect yourself…unless you want to get pregnant, then Yes, I think cleaning the womb would help you get pregnant but not necessarily lead to an actual child just by cleaning your womb out energetically. I hope this helps! Write me back more if not…Blessings

  3. anye76 says:

    if you have allowed (or was forced to submit to) a negative male energy into your womb even years ago can you purify the womb to remove his energy to open up and allow for pure love to enter? If so how?

    • Hi …so sorry about the trauma you experienced. But good for you for looking for ways to empower yourself. There are many ways to clean the womb, the trick is to find the way that feels the best for you. I would start with sitting on the earth and breathing any dark energy of the womb back to the earth and then breathe fresh energy back in. Sit up with spine straight, like in the lotus position and as you connect your tail bone down to the earth, you can extend your head up to the sky. Create a line of energy running between the sky and the earth in your imagination (which actually helps the unseen energy currents) and let the energy run up and down with the breath cleansing you. Also do anything else that your body naturally wants to do. Remember you are your best healer…experiment, get creative, but breathe on the earth and allow that fresh energy in and release the old energy out. Happy to support you further in any way by email. http://www.sensualtantrichealing.com

  4. dakhinibliss says:

    i have a question…I am dealing with a nasty breakup from a very sexually charged relationship. Now I feel the need to cleanse myself thoroughly from this man’s energy, which I feel is still in my system.
    Any advice?


    • First of all hold yourself in so much love after a nasty break up. We have all been there at some point in our lives. It is a very healing time in your life and can create much change if you surrender to the teachings it brings. Cleansing your system is a great way to start your healing. First the cleansing must be done from a deep space of love and forgiveness for both you and him. If it is from a place of “get this guy out of me” then you will actually draw the energy closer to you. What resists, persists. I would reccomend creating a day or afternoon where you can get into nature alone and really sit with all that happened and ask yourself honestly if you feel ready to let this situation be released. If you notice resistence, its okay. Just sit and watch the resistance and notice how it shows up in your body ( a stiff necks, a churning in the belly etc). Work with the breath to breathe into those areas to release….and you can also verbally tell yourself to release it back to the earth. The earth is a great recycler and transmuter of energy….and she is always here for us. After you have released back to her with love, everything you need to release, begin to breathe in fresh energy to fill yourself up with the highest love. Sitting on the actual earth is powerful. There are also chord cutting meditations you can do, in fact I am developing one now to be downloaded. I also feel doing physical cleanses with foods can be very affective. Please let me know if you would like more support and information by visiting my website and emailing me. Always happy to support a fellow sister, get free of the negativity and support the highest learning and growth. http://www.sensualtantrichealing.com

  5. Naro says:

    I am 26 years old. Its gone to be two years since I’m married. i have trouble in getting pregnant. i fell uncomfortable with my abdominal. i fell something is puling me down. i have being experiencing since my teenage.
    and now along with the uncomfortable feeling I feel the pain. I get severe pain when i have sex. After sex i get severe pain in my stomach. this pain continues for two to three days. And the biggest problem is I’m never pregnant.
    Please help me, this is very important for my life. email me as early as possible.
    thank you.

    • First, I would reccomend going to a Gynecologist and your family physician. After this, then I would seek further help if need be and I am happy to offer more advice after you visit the doctor. Many blessings, and my apologies for not writing back so soon……Write again soon.

  6. Bee says:

    Hi this is Bee….m 27 nd i want to clean my womb reason be….i did injection prevention only twice then i leave it so now itz been 3years not seeing my periodz nd i went to the doctor nd she told me to buy lodynon pills at Clicks for 6mnths nd wen the pills r finished the periodz also stoped….so this is boring nd stressing me.So is it possible for me to clean the womb?And is it easy for me to get pregnant if i clean the womb?plz help i dnt have a babie

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