Adyashanti Qoute:: No Demands:: True Sacred Relationship

When we sit without a demand on this moment, without waiting for the next moment, without waiting to get it– whatever “it”is–when are not waiting to get enlightened or to get love, peace, or a quiet mind, and when we stop demanding anything from ourselves–then the sacred opens up simply because there is no demand being made upon it. True sacred relationship with this moment flowers when we are not asking it to be other than it is. Then the beauty blossoms. But if we ask the smallest thing of this moment, then we start to miss the beauty. Our asking distorts what we are able to  see and experience in ourselves.

The mind thinks that to be free, to be liberated or enlightened, means to be wiped clean of all unpleasant experiences, but that’s not the way it is. The Divine wouldn’t dare defile itself by removing something. That would be like cutting of your arm. But to experience these same emotions or experiences as the mystery, as God, and as the mystery of yourself, it to totally transform them.”  Adyashanti from his book “Emptiness Dancing”

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In blessings and inspiration….

2 thoughts on “Adyashanti Qoute:: No Demands:: True Sacred Relationship

  1. yazrooney says:

    This is how we achieve happiness…through peace, which comes through acceptance of what is in the moment. Thank you for this. We always need reminding of what we already know, but forget to practice.

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