Ecstasy IS Necessary:: Clips from Barbra Carrellas New Book

8005_287904214692503_1946658236_nWhat a wonderful world it is when you come to a house of a friend and she ends up having fabulous books that you had on your book list. I am back on the horse so to speak with this blog….Thanks to ALL who are reading it and my apologies as I drop off the face of the earth at times. I simply need to unplug and dive into deep inner processes within myself and beyond myself to balance my system…

But now I am “above” ground and ready to contribute sensual, tantric, healing posts that inspire, enliven, educate, and hopefully add some spice and energy to your worlds. And as always I hope to bring you into a deeper inquiry investigating the nature of “reality” and what it is that TRULY feeds your soul. And how sensuality and sex are so profoundly interwoven into all of this, regardless if your having it or not.

I’m reading Ecstasy is Necessary by Barbra Carrellas and she invites us (the readers) to get in touch with our Authentic Sexual Self. So that we can really discover how we operate in terms of relationship, sexual style, and erotic appetite. Most of what we have learned is pretty cookie cutter as if sex was a one size fits all experience. We are also so bombarded by guilt and shame in this country around anything related to pleasure, and I don’t just mean sexual pleasure, I mean any kind of sensual pleasure-relaxing, getting a massage, enjoying a good meal, taking a walk for no reason. Especially here in NYC where so many of us are in work overdrive, to stay competitive, on our edge and keeping up. I was astounded by the answers she received when she began to ask people “Why do you do sex?””What does it give you?” “Whats the delight?” and “Whats the big pay off?” She says “the truth is we don’t all do sex for the same reasons”.

Here are the some of the answers she came up with:: (There were many more but I chose the ones that really stood out for me)

-To Connect /communicate with another person.

-To turn my brain off.

-To lighten up.

-To feel Wanted and Needed.

-To explore different sides of my personality.

-To Open My Heart

-To experience Altered States

-It Makes Me Feel Grounded

-Its the most authentic time I have with myself

-It’s one of the only ways I enjoy being present in my body.

Doesn’t this open up so much more your view of the human being? So often I feel like subtly we look at sexual appetite as some lecherous, needy experience, so conditioned we are to see men as dogs and women as whores. Of course our view is not so extreme but in the sub-conscious if we are really honest with our judgement I am sure we can find those extreme belief systems inside of us. I credit this mostly to religion and the media. But when we strip away our superficial conscious mind and begin to question what really motivates us to seek sex, its amazing what we might find. Uncovering our authentic needs and desires, helps us to get CLEAR, about what we are really seeking, have more compassion for ourselves and our partners. It also helps us to see that the people we are in partnership with may have a totally different reason why they enjoy sex and by understanding what really makes them tick, we can create more nourishing sexual exchanges.

She writes” The longer I talked to people about the true value sex had in their lives, the more I could see a through line. The majority of people reported that they liked sex because of some form of connection. What differed was what they preferred to be in connection with. Some people wanted to be in connection with another person. Others wanted connection with God/Goddess/All That Is. Some wanted connection with an aspect of themselves, while others wanted a feeling of purpose, or aliveness, or love, or inner peace. I personally subscribe to the theory that all human desire for connection is a desire for connection with the divine, for connection with God/Goddess/Universe/All That Is. Sex and sexual energy allow us a direct physical experience of the divine within ourselves and with others–a direct connection to the center of everything.”

I love her. Thank you Barbra. She speaks to my soul about this path of Sensual Tantric Healing….to embrace this incredible energy of our sexuality as being divine, and NECESSARY for us to heal as whole human beings.

If you want to Read more of Ecstasy is Necessary click here to order her book thru amazon…

And check out my site as I begin to add some new offerings, pictures and more….Blessings as always on your healing path, may love guide your way home.

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The Secrets of a Powerful Woman

I found this on facebook. It moved me::

“The secret of a powerful woman is that she is fully alive to her loving, devotional, emotional and psychic abilities. She is fluid like water, and is therefore able to accept change easily. Going with the flow, is the way of yin. She craves nothing so much as finding a man, or a god to whom she may abandon herself to in fullest surrender. Letting go and being possessed by the divine masculine is her deepest ecstasy. She is able to let go, because her throne is the heart, the seat of love. And every woman knows deep down, that God is love, and that love is God. Since the very essence of divinity finds its abode in her heart, she can afford to be sweet, giving and nurturing.”

But I also felt it was a bit limited. As if a woman is always fluid and emotional and devotional. Sometimes we are a bitch, fiery and warrior like. We don’t put up with bullshit, with phonies, or somebody yanking our chain. I want to have these qualities included in what it means to be a woman, I want to see these qualities also respected as being “feminine”. I want the fierce, powerful woman who is independent, without a lover and devoted to her work, to also be included in this. I want to see the woman who serves the public day after day with no acknowledgement included in this. I want to see the woman who has 3 kids and is exhausted all the time, but who is also not complaining, included in all this. Letting go and being possessed by the divine masculine? Well, okay….but does this mean if we don’t have a man we haven’t surrendered fully? Gosh I hope not. I really hope my life isn’t depending on meeting a man. Didn’t we already establish this wasn’t the case in this new era of feminine empowerment?  Maybe I don’t understand this quote. Does this mean I am supposed to be all sweet and soft all the time….what if I get pissed that some guys whistles about my ass, or tells me he loves me and then doesn’t call. Do I just keep swinging on that swing with my smile signaled up to the heavens?  I think a woman who acknowledges her anger, her fire, her heat, and knows how to use it for transformation and alchemy, despite what anyone says, or does to her, is like really great.  A woman not afraid to be human, to fail, to make a mistake, to look awkward, to not always have the graceful answer. A woman who isn’t afraid to get dirty, to discover who she really is, who isn’t afraid to not fit in to even the spiritual concept of what they now tell her it means to be woman.
Sure I would love to feel all devotional all the time, and deeply in tune with my emotional, psychic abilities,,,,but the reality is….some days, I am just pissed that watching the presidential elections offers less than inspiration.

Womb Wisdom

I just started reading a fabulous new book, called Womb Wisdom. Womb Wisdom, Awakening the Creative and Forgotten Powers of the Feminine, by Padma and Anaiya Aon Prakasha came out in 2011 but this wisdom is ages old and significantly needed in our culture today.

They write” The Womb is not just a place to give birth to a baby, it is a place and state of being that births us, that births new realities, that holds a power for deep transformation for ourselves and for others with who we come into contact. The womb is a woman’s feminine core, the generator of tremendous creative potential, vitality, boundless well-being, sensual power, and manifestation. It not only births children but also the fullness of feminine spiritual potential, personal healing, and the depths of relating for which we all yearn….

The deepest most ancient secrets of life lie within the womb of every woman. The womb is the holiest temple in your body, the most energy-filled place in your body, the place from where your inner voice, deepest guidance and clarity, stillness, creative expression and power arise. It is your primordial voice and connector into the web of life, the web of interdependence that connects all living beings to each other.”–Taken from the book:Womb Wisdom by Padma and Anaiya Aon Prakasha

The healing of our wombs as women is connected to not only our personal journeys as women but is connected to the entire human collective experience.  A woman who heals her womb also helps the men in her life have more authentic experiences of the divine feminine, so that they too can heal their wounds and distrust of women. “By women living from their center of power, joy, and life-nurturing capacities, and in supporting this, both [men and women] become deeply nourished through this deepening and opening within themselves.”-Womb Wisdom.  When we heal our wombs we are able to have deeper relationships and offer more of our true heart to the people and projects in our lives and thus offer a clearer stream of divine feminine energy which in and of itself is a healing beyond all healings for everyone and everything that gets touched by it. Everyone loves a beautiful woman, not just outwardly, the beauty that is radiant and shining, the kind of beauty that opens people’s souls and hearts, the kind of beauty that heals from the inside out…the Mother manifested in human form. By women returning to the power of their wombs, a great vortex of energy enters our world and transforms everyone and everything. Creation is activated.

I will be talking more about this book and sharing more of its teachings on this amazing topic….but I would love to hear from some of you ladies about your own experience with your wombs? Have you been feeling like something is missing and you can’t quite put your finger on it? Do you feel fulfilled in all aspects of your life, creatively? Sexually? Cosmically? Please leave a comment about what this article brought up for you.

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