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I had the pleasure of studying with Devi Ward, a tantra educator who shares the lineage of Tibetan 5 element Tantra. She was doing alot of great work, integrating the 5 elements with the 5 senses, and working with powerful meditations using chakras, elements, colors and sounds. Each meditation deals with a different element to super charge your system, clean out your energy field and get you more connected to your sensual/sexual energy for greater health, and energy.

This is what I love about Tantra is the creativity of each way of sharing these arts. I love the use of color, sound and chakras to open up the body.Its like learning magic keys, which I find very exciting….

Just to give you a taste::


Earth–Taste-Rich succulent flavors and sweet treats, such as, wine and chocolate,cut and peeled fruits, cheese, etc.

Water-Touch–Soft fabrics, pillows, silky lingerie, massage oils (organic high quality), feathers, textured fabrics to rub on your bodies.

Fire— Sight– Candles, low-dim sensuous lighting. clean and tidy environment. Beauty and ambiance.

Air-Smell — oil diffusers, incense, scented,  scented oils.

Space — bells, chimes, sounding bowls, nature sounds, the sound of the voice.

By adding these elements to your room or temple, you can begin to bring in the qualities of each element.  For earth you can have not only succulent treats, but a potted plant. For Fire you can have not only candles but some art work as well. For Air, you can do fresh air thru a humidifier, as well as essential oils and incense. For Space of course, music and also a sound machine to block out any noise from neighbors or strange house creaks as well get creative with your own voice quality…..For water….well, you can always get a nice water fountain. As well as have all the nice feelings of touch. Get creative!

To visit more about Devi Ward , visit:  www.deviward.com and to read more about my work go to www.sensualtantrichealing.com

Blessings and Joy on your sensual tantric healing paths…… Feel free to make comments or ask questions.



Connecting the Womb to the Earth

Here is a an exercise taken from Womb Wisdom for connecting your womb to the earth. Connecting the womb to the earth is an ancient practice that super charges your womb and boosts your health, and overall vitality. I tried it today, finding a spot of land in the park that didn’t seem to have garbage on it (I live in NYC) and let go of people looking funny at me:)

This exercise was taken from the book Womb Wisdom, which you can order at the end of the blog through the link…

1. Go to a spot in nature that you feel comfortable with and drawn to–a sacred site perhaps, but one that is green and alive.

2. Lie on the ground, with your womb pressing against the earth softly but firmly.

3. Place your arms above your head and press your third eye against the ground.

4. Start to breathe out from the third eye, projecting a beam of white light with each exhale down into the earth.

5. Travel with this beam of light and the breath through the earth, through the soil, through the tectonic plates, down into the molten core of the earth.

6. Do this for five minutes.

7. Now breathe in through your belly, up into your womb.

8. Breathe in the green of earth into your womb, the lushness, the protection, the nurturance of earth. Allow yourself to feel comforted, rooted, and grounded.

9. Do this for five minutes.

10. Now, thank Gaia for helping you to be alive; thank her for giving you the ground to walk on and be nourished by. Thank her for giving you a body to experience life.

11. Ask her to support you with whatever is most important in your life right now;, whatever issue or obstacle, ask her for her help.

-Womb Wisdom pg173-74

After you complete the exercise, please come back here and comment!

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All blessings to your empowerment and joy!