Yoni Massage: The Gateway to Feminine Healing

527721_360980377335883_1641217043_nWhat exactly is this famous Yoni Massage about anyway? Why are women seeking this experience now more than ever and why are men so interested in learning how to give them? Is it just another erotic woo hoo thing? And what can one expect to receive and experience if one actually seeks one out and receives this delicious gift to the self?

First of all the Yoni massage is about healing and empowerment. The focus is not on having outrageous orgasms that have you doing cartwheels, although this may happen, the focus is not solely on reaching some sexual goal. It is about celebrating and liberating this powerful area of the woman’s body so that she has more access to her sensations, feelings and erotic potential as well as her creativity and divine shakti, or feminine essence which affects all areas of her life. It awakens Kundalini, the potent spiritual life force, that once awakened brings about higher consciousness and more expansion.  It can be very emotional, very energetic, very arousing or very quiet and peaceful. It is truly a unique experience each and every time and one must show up to the experience, whether giving or receiving, and truly surrender to the moment, to the here and now and let the healing unfold without a goal in mind.

The Yoni Massage is a powerful way to access stored or blocked energy, clear trauma or abuse and heal emotional wounds. Women can hold both personal and collective feminine wounds in this area of their body that can affect their ability to feel pleasure, can actually create pain or numbness or may simply be energetic holdings that only reveal themselves during the massage.  Simply having good sex or a wild sex life is not necessarily going to access these places. The primary reason is because in sex you are normally having in exchange with an intimate partner,  and with the Yoni Massage, you are invited to practice receiving from a therapist who is trained to hold space and facilitate healing. Being in a receptive energy while experiencing your body’s sexual energy, is a profound healing in and of itself for many women. Because it asks us to listen, inside our bodies and souls and get to know these intimate spaces even deeper. Practically speaking, the yoni massage is a very clear healing technique to massage the woman’s vagina, otherwise known as Yoni, that accesses the reflexology points that correspond to the entire body. This is why the yoni massage can feel so good, because it impacts the entire system. It also accesses the Sacred Spot, or G-spot, a sensitive and powerful area of the vagina that is the holding area of much history, energy and imprinting, which can usually remained buried unless accessed in this way.

It also involves breathwork, and the practice of awareness, so that the person receiving is actively participating in their own clearing and release as well as activation and pleasure.  The breath helps the recipient be present to what is happening in the moment, so that one can access what the body is communicating and what emotions are there to be felt. It also helps the energy circulate and build to clear and charge the system, and deepen the connection to life. The facilitator is there offering his/her presence to the recipients process, and is trained to feel when the body is tensing up or holding in certain areas. The breath and the coaching of the particular breathing techniques, help the woman open up even deeper to her erotic potential and her sexual healing and help her move past resistance and open up more fully to joy and pleasure. Never underestimate Joy and Pleasure to be profound healing tools, it is not just suffering that can help us grow, this is the outdated story of healing. Joy and Pleasure and letting them in to expand our lives, can be some of the most powerful breakthrus we have as women. How often have we been taught that our pleasure was wrong, or bad, or dirty? How often have we been taught that other’s needs come before our own? How often were we ever taught about the power of this area of our bodies? Or that our pleasure and Joy naturally spills forth to everything and everyone we meet?  If you were taught these things growing up, wonderful! But many of us weren’t and now, we are catching up to getting to know the divine vessels we travel this life with. It is a gift to know the magic in our feminine jewels.

From the book “Yoni Massage: Awakening Female Sexual Energy, Michaela Riedl writes ”

I like to call yoni massage, the “heart” of massages, since they offer access to a woman’s most intimate area. In no other massage does a woman show as much of her personal and vulnerable side. With each Yoni massage that I give, I develop deeper insight into the sensuality, tenderness, and significance of the female center.

The Yoni has a receptive nature that corresponds to the female principle. For example, it receives the semen and all energies that are linked to it. Every sexual act and action for women means a complete opening of themselves, a reception of everything  that happens in that moment. The woman receives and stores information in her yoni,-information from personal experiences and from stories that have shaped entire generations of women. The yoni, the magical heart place, is thus home to many secrets, a place that recounts the smallest injuries and the greatest moments, as long as we can open its doors.


You are worth every ounce of love, time and attention. Don’t be stingy with yourself.

I will be writing more articles in the coming weeks to further expand on the art and healing of the Yoni Massage, one blog post is definitely not enough….

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This article described things in such a way I was transfixed! I love Tantra…read more to find out how intricate and sacred Tantra makes the Yoni and worshipping the woman…its so beautiful this ancient art form….

Yoni is a Sanskrit word for the vagina, which ancient tantra considers a lot more than just a sexual reproductive organ. The yoni is nothing less than the Sacred Temple of the Tantra Goddess. In fact, the vagina is also known as the Yantra – the dwelling place of universal tantra energy, or Shakti energy. Yoni tantra is a sacred and secret scripture for initiates of the Tantra tradition, since it is the celebration of the Tantra Goddess. There is great benefit for couples who study this scripture, and also for women who want to understand their real inner strength – and their true place in the Universe.

The sacred text from Bengal (16th century) that concerns itself with this aspect of tantra describes the Yoni Tantra Puja (worship). In this ceremonial tantra practice, the ordinary rules for tantra worship are suspended for the one who follows ‘Siddha Shakti’ precepts. The following verse, when translated, yields the true meaning behind the concept of the Tantra Goddess: ‘Women are jewels, women are life, women are, truly, jewels.’ Invoking the tantra goddess within through this puja is an established path towards conscious self-realization. The process requires that that the Goddess be worshipped along with her yoni and the lotus budding from her neck, which signifies creation.

The Dasa Mahavidyas (or the Ten Divine Studies) are listed in the third patala of Yoni Tantra as Kali, Tara, Shodasi, Bhuvaneshvari, Bhairavi, Chinnamasta, Dhumavati, Bagala, Matangi and Kamala, and associated with the different parts of the yoni. This can, of course, be very confusing for those who have just embarked on their study of ancient tantra and its profoundly mystical truths. To encapsulate the concepts in these scriptures – the vagina is a triangular form of Mahamaya or Prakrit, or the origin of the world. The three corners of the yoni are Brahma, Vishnu and Maheshvara. The vagina is divided into ten, each of which is considered a manifestation of the divine feminine (Tantra Goddess).

The shlokas (verses) are extremely explicit, and a new student of tantra is apt to misunderstand their real meaning. Tradition therefore requires that yoni tantra be studied only under the auspices of an authentic tantra master. Closely guarded, these tantra secrets are passed down from tantra teacher to tantra teacher and cannot be fully grasped from mere literature. Attempting to practice it without expert guidance is a corruption of energy and can lead to degradation of the Sacred Feminine – and this always has adverse consequences.

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Yoni Tantra: Worshipping The Tantra Goddess by Acharya Subhojit Dasgupta